What is NSDC?

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is a not-for-profit public limited company established on July 31, 2008, as a Private Public Partnership (PPP) model by the Ministry of Finance. The Government of India under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) is obliged to get 49% of the share capital of NDSC, and private sectors get the remaining 51% share. The organization provides funds to build scalable and profitable vocational training institutions. NSDC acts as a catalyst by rendering funds to enterprises, companies and organizations that provide skill training. Moreover, innovative models have been developed to enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives.

The organization contributes significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people across the nation by fostering private sector initiatives through skill development programmes. It enables support system that emphasis on quality assurance, information systems and train academies either directly or through partnerships.

Eligible Organisations

Private players.
Industry bodies. Training & skill development organisations.
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs.)
Business associations.
Social entrepreneurs.

Rietway Consultants NSDC Registration Package

The Services which are included in our package are as Follows:
✅ Consultation
✅ Preparation of Documents
✅Application Filing
✅Application Submission
✅Meeting and Presentation
✅NSDC Certificate

Documents Required for NSDC Registration

Certificate of Incorporation
Pan Card of Company
Address proof Of Organisation
Electricity Bill (Not less 2 Months Old)
Provident fund Registration Certificate
GST Certificate
Annual Financial Statement of Last 3 Years
Email ID
Phone Number
Details of CEO/ CFO

NSDC Procedure

Step -1 Arrange all Required Documents: The first step is to arrange all the documents and send the same over the email / WhatsApp to us. Once all the Documents are Received, we will Start the Further Process.
Step - 2: Preparation of Documents: The Next Step is Preparation of Documents to be Submitted at Department. Step - 3: Filling of Application For NSDC: The next Step is Filling Of Application for NSIC.
Step - 4: After Submission of Application, Need to Visit Department and submit Presentation.
Step - 5: After Scrutiny and approval of the application Department Issues NSDC Certificate and login Credentials to be Registered as Training Partner.

Benefits of NSDC Registration

Increases confidence and productivity of an individual.
Provides them with a direction through proper upgradation of skills.
It enables individuals to get blue-collar jobs, ultimately, increasing employment.
Individuals would be able to start earning just after a short training span.
It is accessible for the people in remote areas as well.

FAQ on NSDC Registration

What is the main objective of skill development?
The main objective of the Skill India programme is to provide adequate training in market-relevant skills to over 40 crore youth by 2022. It also aims to create opportunities for the development of talent within the country and improve the overall scope and space for underdeveloped sectors.

What is skill training?
Skills training is designed to provide employees with the targeted training they need to gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to fulfil the specific requirements of their job positions. Skills training can also be used to re-educate and retrain employees whenever new technology, processes or systems debut.

What is the use of NSDC certificate?
The main objectives of the NSDC are to: Upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.

How do I become NSDC certified?
The Training Provider desirous of seeking accreditation for its Training Centres has to register online on SMART. The Training Provider has to register through Training Provider Registration Form. Post successful registration, the Training Provider has to submit Centre Accreditation Application Form (CAAF).

What is the Validity of NSDC Registration?
The validity of accreditation of a TC is one year from the date of accreditation. The validity will automatically expire at the end of one year.