What is Niti Ayog Registration

Government has taken step to provide the Registration for under NITI Ayog .It is mandatory to Register with NITI Ayog for applying future Grants To achieve the purpose of easy of doing business and other social benefits that contributes to the nation building activities, a dedicated Centralized Portal is made available to NGO/VO in which they can easily enroll with Government and altogether centralized database is available with Government of India which helps them in Formation of Social welfare activities, which can be run through these NGO/VO.

Who are eligible to Get Register under Niti Aayog?
Any VO / NGO which is registered as a trust/ society/ a private limited non profit company, under section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 are eligible to get Registered under Niti Aayog.

Whether an Individual can register under Niti Aayog?
As of now no Individual (person) Registration is allowed.

Rietway Consutants Niti Ayog Registration Package

The Services which are included in our package are as Follows:
✅ Documents preparation
✅ Preparation of Application
✅Application Filing
✅ Niti Ayog Registration Number

Documents Requirement for Niti Ayog Registration

1. Details of Chief Functionary/Chairman/Secretary/Other Office Bearers;
2. KYC Documentation of the above persons; PAN Card & Aadhaar Card
3. PAN Card of the Organisation;
4. Registration Certificate of the Organisation;
5. Memorandum & Articles of Association, in case of Company (Sec. 8 or Sec. 25).

Niti Ayog Registration Procedure

Step -1 Arrange all Required Documents:
The first step is to arrange all the documents and send the same over the email / WhatsApp to us. Once all the Documents are Received, we will Start the Further Process.
Step -2 Documentation:
The next Step is Preparation of Documents to be Submitted at Department.
Step-3 Filing of Application:
The Next Step is Submission of Application at Department
Step-4 In Principal Approval Letter:

After Submission of Application and scrutinity of Documents, Department Issues In Principal Approval Letter or Rejection letter, whatever the case it may be.

Benefits of Getting Registered under Niti Aayog

1. Authentic Presence
2. Transparency
3. Helpful in Getting Government Grants
4. Build Trust
5. Unique Registration ID from Government of India’s NGO Darpan

FAQ on Niti Ayog

Q. What is NGO Darpan?
A. The NGO Darpan (NGO-PS) is a platform of interface between Voluntary Organization (VO) / Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and key Ministries / Departments / Government Bodies. Later it is proposed to cover all Central Ministries / Departments / Government Bodies.The key Ministries/Departments/ Government Bodies in the first phase are M/o Culture, M/o Health & Family Welfare, M/o Social Justice & Empowerment, M/o Tribal Affairs, M/o Women & Child Development, D/o Higher Education, D/o School Education & Literacy, Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology (CAPART), National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB).This is a free facility offered by the NITI Aayog in association with National Informatics Centre to bring about greater partnership between government & voluntary sector and foster better transparency, efficiency and accountability.

Q. Who can Register with NGO Darpan?
A. Any VO / NGO which is registered as a trust/ society/ a private limited non profit company, under Section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 or Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 can be registered on the NGO Darpan.

Q. What is the main purpose of MUDRA Loan?
A. The basic aim being income generation, the purpose of the loan serves:
1. Business loans for vendors, shopkeepers , traders and another service sector.
2. Use of MUDRA Cards online to meet working capital needs.
3. Finance for equipment.
4. Loans to the transport sector.

Q. Is there any certificate issued by Department?
A. No, Department only Issues Unique Identifcation Number to NGO.