What is Gumasta License?

Gumasta License is a registration required for doing any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. It is governed by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act. This is a certificate which provides you the authority to do your business at a particular place. This license is a basic requirement for any business to be recognized by Government or Bank for all business irrespective of whether it is done by a single person or big organization.

Obtaining Gumasta ensures your business can be developed without many complications and it is very important for opening a current account or obtaining any loan from the bank. Without this license in the Maharashtra State, obtaining GST registration is not possible.

Why is Gumasta License important?

The Gumasta License is acquired by anyone who wishes to open a shop or commercial establishment in Maharashtra. Any citizen/employer/employee and the company can apply for the same. Furthermore, every employer who has over 20 workers under him or her, must also apply for a Gumasta License.

Rietway Consultants Gumasta License Package

The Services which are included in our package are as Follows:
✅ Consultation
✅ Preparation of Documents
✅Application Filing
✅Gumasta License

Documents Required for Gumasta License

1. Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership Deed/ MSME
2. MOA / AOA of Company
3. Pan Card of Company
4. Id and Address Proofs of Partners
5. Number of Employees
6. Electric Bill for Registered Office Proof

Gumasta License Procedure

Step -1 Arrange all Required Documents: The first step is to arrange all the documents and send the same over the email / WhatsApp to us. Once all the Documents are Received, we will Start the Further Process.
Step - 2: Preparation of Documents: The Next Step is Preparation of Documents to be Submitted at Department.
Step - 3: Filling of Application For Gumasta: The next Step is Filling Of Application for Gumasta.
Step - 4: After Scrutiny and approval of the application Department Issues Gumasta License. License Renewal, Fees & Penalty.

Gumasta license to be used by people of Maharashtra is issued only once and the validity of this certificate or license is for the lifetime. However, the license fees and charges may vary from state to state and also shall depend on the Government’s policies, guidelines and procedures. Businesses that fail to obtain or avoid to get Gumasta license are liable to heavy penalties (Approx. Rs. 1 lakh & Additional Fee of Rs. 2000/day). However, for repeated lawbreakers the penalty charge may extend up to Rs. 2 lakh.

Benefits of Gumasta License

Avail tax subsidies from the Maharashtra State Government.
Acts as a proof of legal entity that provides the right to conduct business in Maharashtra.
Several banks accept Gumasta license as an identity proof to open business bank account.

Cancellation of Gumasta Certificate/License

If an applicant or existing certificate holder wants to cancel the license, he/she shall – Submit a notice that should contain his/her statement, as he/she wants to cancel license or registration.

Secondly, if the employer fails to submit his/her statement along with documents within 10 days from the date of receipt of the notice, his/her registration may get cancelled.


What is Gumasta License?
Gumasta license is a type of registration required to do any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra.

Is it Compulsory to take Gumasta License?
Yes, if you want to start a business in Maharashtra then it is mandatory to get this license otherwise the penalty charges for not having license can go up to Rs. 2 lakh per applicant.

What is the validity of Gumasta?
The validity of Gumasta License is for the lifetime.

Is there any difference between Shop Act Registration and Gumasta?
There is no difference between these two, as the word ‘Gumasta’ is derived from Persian language ‘Farsi’ and it means ‘agent’.